Blogger Small Group on Romans and You're Invited

If you are looking for the Small Blogger Group on Romans you found the right place. I am hosting the group this week while a few are away tending to other duties, so please be in prayer for Kyle, Brian, and Heath, as they take a break this week.

This Week with Consuming Worship, Romans 4

This weeks Small Group in partnership with Consuming Worship we start Romans chapter four [4] all verses. (Side Note: If you haven’t read Romans chapter four [4], but want to participate. Read it now and write about it. Any input is better than no input. Everyone is welcome.) [Mr. Linky is at the bottom]

If you’re new and not sure what to do, below I have posted the instructions to the group. Take the time to read them, it will help make this group much easier for you. INSTRUCTIONS

Small Blogger Group – Damascus Style

This week I am going to do the Mr Linky slightly different than Vagabondrunn. I have posted it right here on the page, so all you need to do is post the link to your study entry right here, and we should all be able to see the links for the other entries as well.

If you have any questions at all please just send me a quick email or twitter and I will get right back with you. I am going to post my own entry on a different blog post, so go ahead and leave your links here.

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