Thanks Mayor Rahm Emanuel It’s Now Our Moral Obligation to Eat @Chick-Fil-A

Chick-Fil-A Gay Marriage Prayer

Thankfully it is now our moral obligation to eat at Chick-Fil-A, not just a place you go when you want good chicken. This of course is due, in part, to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino who apparently want to lead the way in being the two most stupid mayors in the country, and thus pushing both sides to action. Ever since word got out Chick-Fil-A was a Christian company a few days ago, (oh wait, haven’t they always been?) these mayors have insisted on displaying their lack of knowledge on how our country was founded. Like a mob boss from the 1960’s the mayor of Chicago greatly discourages Chick-Fil-A from coming to Chicago where they are not welcome, and the Boston mayor Vows To Block Chick-Fil-A From Opening Restaurant After Anti-Gay Remarks. I hope the ACLU sues both of them seeing how the ACLU actually agrees with Chickfila’s right to move into any city they choose.

This is an amazing time we live in when the words of a person who owns a private, family run business, can cause a fire storm by say, “guilty as charged.” He didn’t say, “I want to kill gay people,” or “I’m going to bomb a gay politician,” he didn’t even go as far as those stupid people in Topeka, KS led by Fred Phelps at Westboro, and he didn’t actually DO anything. From those three words though, eating a Chick-fil-a sandwich has now become a political statement, and a moral obligation to those who support traditional marriage.

I’ve got news for these mayors. You know why most of us, even those who oppose gay marriage, eat at a restaurant? Because they have GOOD FOOD! Deborah loves eating at Hooters because she thinks they have the greatest wings, and trust me, she’s not going there because she wants to see anything besides the wings. I don’t particularly care for Hooters wings, so I generally prefer the local chicken finger place down the road.

But now, you mayors Emanuel and Menino have awoken the dead and sleeping, and have made it a necessity to support Chick-Fil-A even more by your idiotic statements (I’m not quite sure how I can personally do that though since I already eat there several times a week). Now, thanks to your careless disregard for the constitution, you have even awoken and united those toughest of baby boomers who would sooner give up part of their 401(K) than to hold a protest sign, and lowered them to “Eat Mor Chikin.” Even Billy Graham Defends Chick-fil-A, Traditional Marriage Amid Uproar, and he is a far more powerful individual in history than either mayor.

This is the defining social agenda of our day. Amazing. It is not what a terrible economic situation our country is facing. It is now how to best celebrate the sin of homosexuality and make sure everyone agrees that gay marriage is acceptable by all. As it was written recently, Gay Is Not the New Black, and this redefining of marriage is not something orthodox Christians are going to ever give up. This is core to Scripture’s teaching, and not because homosexuality is a sin, which it is, but because Scripture presents us, the Church, as the bride of Christ. Those churches who have given in to the pressures of homosexuality have violated the marriage between Christ and their church, they have become an adulterous church.

Society and culture may keep trying to waste away the beliefs of some when it comes to homosexuality, just as they did with abortion convincing millions this horrific act is not the actual killing and murder of another person, but they will never be able to change the Word of God. There are few things in Scripture that are more clearly defined than the sin of homosexuality, and there just isn’t thing one any mayor can do about that. As society tries to convince the faithful that homosexuality and gay marriage is acceptable in God’s eyes, they show their understanding of the issues to be one like Homosexuality, Polyester, and Shellfish. The more they protest, the more they show a total and complete misunderstanding of basic hermeneutical principles of the Bible.

Did you know there is actually something that orthodox Muslims, Jews, and Christians all agree on? That homosexuality is a sin. Now there is something the ACLU and Chick-Fil-A both agree on, the Freedom of Speech that clearly allows Dan Cathy to say what he wants, without the threat from thugs in Chicago.

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18 thoughts

  1. Why is it when people say homosexuality is a sin they quote the bible but only some old testament stuff which in reality has nothing to do with being gay, it has to do with raping angels (sodom and gamora) – I would love it it some day you could provide real proof. Perhaps a quote from the new testament or from Jesus saying homosexuality is a sin. Oh wait, there are none. Your arguments are tired. I will however agree with you on one point, no politician has the right to tell a business they can’t do business some place. Chick Fil A can open as many restaurants as they want, just like Muslims can build a mosque any place they want, or do you deny them that right?


    • Those who only quote Old Testament Scriptures in arguing homosexuality is a sin simply do not know their Bible very well. There are many New Testament Scriptures that state homosexuality as wrong, as sinful, or that deal with the issues at hand. I Corinthians 6:9; 10, Matthew 19:5, Romans 5:8, Romans 1:26-27, and so on.

      You can’t make the argument that homosexuality being wrong according to the Bible is only from the OT, that is just categorically wrong, sorry. You also can’t just pick and choose parts of the Bible. There are specific truths laid out in the Bible as being wrong, many. Homosexuality is just one of those.

      Glad we can agree on the First Amendment, that’s a plus 🙂


      • The number of translations of Corinthians 6:9 is off the charts.. Nice try though, at least 1 or 2 of the translations do mention men with men, but the rest… As for Matthew 19:5 – that is an even bigger stretch. Seriously, No idea how Romans 5:8 has anything to do with being gay. My point remains – why do you not condemn those who eat shellfish or those who work on the Sabbath or (my favorite) those who violate Matthew 6:5… Honestly, anyone who claims that the bible tells them that being gay is a sin need to really start living by EVERYTHING in the bible and not just picking and choosing. Oh and while you are at it, go out and get several wives, just like the bible teaches, and lastly, as you sure you are ready to “cast the first stone”?

        Maybe – and I hope in my lifetime – people simply start living their own lives and stop trying to preach to others, especially when it comes to whom I love, this world will truly be a better place. I am so sick of people telling me that if I marry my girlfriend of 17 years now that all of society will crumble… Really? Then I guess you have to follow the bible and kill me since that is what the bible says..

        if you want to truly “protect marriage” start by making it harder to divorce (Hello Rush Limbaugh and 3/4 of the politicians) and of course outlaw marriage for anyone infertile – don’t forget that. This could go on for pages, because *THAT* is the problem. For everyone argument you have, I may counter and vice-versa. How about we agree on that First Amendment thingy and go just live our lives as we wish to live them and leave one another alone..

        And finally, if you don’t like gay marriage, then don’t marry a gay.



  2. @Kat you have obviously convinced yourself it’s ok, so I guess that’s all that matters. There is just no way around the Scriptures, though you can try to slice them up any way you like, but just your tone and statements show you are trying to justify your lifestyle.

    The culture and society we live in have clearly accepted the homosexual lifestyle, so it seems your problem is convincing the faithful that they should fall in line with culture and society. This is clearly not what God wants for his faithful, and it says as much in Scripture. I will say there are also many in the church body who have been deceived by the world, and that is truly sad.

    Instead of trying to refute that the Bible says homosexuality is wrong, why don’t you show me where in Scripture it says homosexuality is ok? And the shellfish thing…? Did you not read the post above, I covered that in the post itself.

    See if you need an explanation of that particular issue. There are many reasons why New Testament Believers observe certain aspects of Scripture and learn from others but don’t necessarily do them, like animal sacrifices.

    I would agree, more Christians should start living out what is taught in Scripture, but if you take an honest look at Scripture, one that takes and evaluates the 66 books as a whole, there is just no way in the world it does not make the conclusion homosexuality is wrong, and a sin in God’s eyes.

    By the way, I would say the exact same thing to someone living in an adulterous relationship, there is no difference, this is living in sin in God’s eyes, and there is just no way around that truth.

    You want to just “live our lives” and that is fine, we live in a free country, you are welcome to live any way you like. This post was merely stating here Scripture falls as it pertains to homosexuality and “marriage.” Doesn’t mean I hate you, on the contrary. Mainly it means I disagree with your hermeneutical interpretation of Scripture.


    • I should have prefaced my very first post with the fact that I am Buddhist. At any rate, I am not trying to justify anything, especially who I am. My point was a simple one, but more easily discussed over coffee/wine/whatever because of tonal inflections. Simply put, I live in a country where I am a minority, and contrary to yours or anyone else’s belief, I know I was BORN this way. It was NOT a choice. This is how God (yours, mine, whomever) made me. Now the problem with that is simple – I am denied rights that you are given, and all you have to do is run to Vegas or any govt office and get a marriage license and poof. I can’t do that, at least not with the woman I love. That was my point.

      The bible is what it is – a book – written long after the events happened, translated so many times.. Well, you believe it, and that is your right. However, you have no right to JUDGE me and deny my civil rights based on your religion and that was my point all along. I just worded it poorly.

      I was not, however, attacking you in any way and I am glad you realized that. My sister is a Tea Partier, and I am liberal and we sit and discuss politics all the time (and wish the idiot politicians could do the same) I don’t care what anyone’s religion is as long as they don’t try to force their beliefs on me. Marriage is a “civil” law, which is why you can get married in a church 1000 times over, but unless you sign all the legal documents and file them correctly, your “church marriage” means nothing to the government. Even if I was granted the right to “marriage” I would never go to a church and force them to perform the ceremony unless we all agreed, what is the point. I do not agree with people who want to sue a church for not wanting to perform the ceremony.

      Tell you what — You can have “marriage” but in your church. We will change the government issued “civil right” to “civil union” for gay and straight alike. You can hold marriage to your same standards (including being able to get divorced as much as you want) but as far as the govt, taxes, home ownership, health care, survivor benefits, social security, etc, if you do NOT file the “civil union” document, then you don’t get those perks. Seems fair — a win-win situation all around. 😉



  3. I was asked by someone, a fellow Christian, how I could possibly defend the actions of Cathy and Chick-fil-a when it places barriers to those seeking Christianity, and needed to post my answer here, which is as follows:

    It’s basically our different perspectives in what we do each day in our walk. God places us in different areas depending on our gifts, where we can best influence others using our gifts.

    I can understand from your perspective you see “barriers” to Christianity for these kids, but from my perspective (from within the Church body), I see an attempt to water down Christianity to make it more “palatable” for those trying to “get in,” and God’s message doesn’t need watering down. Our churches today are filled with luke-warm believers, something Jesus sternly warned against to the Church in Laodicea (Rev 3:14-22).

    It’s a different discipleship message for sure, but where you may deal with culture war individuals one on one, I often deal more with those who need to be presented an apologetic message of Christianity. Our culture has done plenty to water down Christianity to a luke-warm message, one that is easily digestible. It’s not our job as Believers to “convert” these seekers, but to disciple them.

    As for the verses that pertain to gay marriage, I think you are probably well familiar with those out of Corinthians and Romans, and the many verses that speak about marriage. I will also agree with you, gay marriage as a political message has already been lost for the church. Without the church being unified in this message, it has been lost to the culture.

    You ask how can I support fighting against gay marriage, I often wonder how other believers can support or fight for people’s right to live in sin, to fight for sin is to fight against God. If there is a grey area I would rather fall to the side of God than the side of man every time, and the homosexuality debate is a debate for man to want to do it man’s ways and be justified.


    • May I ask a question, and it is serious, I am not being flip or sarcastic. When speaking of all of the issues of marriage in order to justify everything against SSM, why does no one ever explain all the other marriage related bible passages. Why is it that the passages regarding taking a brother’s wife if he dies (paraphrassed), or having multiple wives or concubines or… The point is that no one ever stops and explains these and all the rest. With the exception of “Those are stories..” or some other comment. And why do so many still try to say that Sadom and Gamora had anything to do with homosexuality when it is well known it was about raping of angels.

      My point here is to ASK – there only seems to be explanations about the passages that support your belief and not the ones that don’t. This is one of the reason why I find the arguments against it so hard to understand.


      • There is an underlying issue with how people use the Bible today, partly because of how advanced study has become. It gets parsed out into minute little word studies, Greek/Hebrew etc, which is fine, but that is used as are argument for one specific thing or another when Scripture was even written in chapter and verse. Studying individual word meanings is extremely important and helpful, but the Bible should be taken as a whole, studied as a whole, and when it is, overlying patterns of what God shows to be behavior emerge.

        The purpose of Scripture is not to prove a social agenda, or to answer every single possible question ever asked. The purpose of Scripture, the Old AND the New Testament, is to point people to the Messiah, to the Christ… Jesus. For example, no where in Scripture does it talk about in a word by word manner that suicide is explicitly a sin… yet, it doesn’t ever talk about it in a positive light either.

        The Bible refers to homosexuality in many different places throughout Scripture, and if you put them all together and look at them objectively, no where in Scripture does it speak about the issue in a positive manner. No where does it ever encourage the behavior. The passage you are talking about with Sodom and Gomorrah is parsed out and used by gay churches to convince people the passage isn’t talking about homosexual sex when an objective reading, in context, says otherwise.

        As far as the other aspects of marriage goes and why no one seems to explain them (properly) is probably because they have never studied them, in a proper hermeneutical manner. There is a difference between properly understanding Scripture between a cultural historical aspect, i.e. what were the customs and practices of the day, and what is spoken about as unacceptable at any time. Solomon had many wives, but it was never celebrated as something we should emulate, it was looked upon as one of his weaknesses. David had a relationship outside of the bonds of marriage, and it was clearly seen as a sin.

        There is not a “gotcha” explanation in Scripture, because part of it requires faith, and part of it requires study and understanding. Part of the reason you find the arguments against it so hard to understand is because you do not hold a faith in Jesus as the Messiah, you are looking on as an observer looks at a sporting event so to speak. That is not a cut down or an insult at all, just an observable fact by your own admission.

        The church body of Christ is filled with sinners, it isn’t filled with sinless people. Christ said he came to save the sinners, not those who needed no saving. Sinners like you and me need to come to Christ and ask for understanding in revealing our own sin to us because most of the time we are blind to our own true sins.

        Christians who hold to an orthodox view of Scripture are going to universally call homosexuality a sin because of the entire Bible, not because of one specific verse, but there are many other sins as well, all of which require repentance. The difference is the sin of homosexuality use to be hidden where no one knew, now it’s celebrated. Many other sins people engage in are still hidden, and therefore not criticized as much. Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. Whatever is said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in private rooms shall be proclaimed on the housetops (Luke 12:1-3).

        No sure if that helps or not, but that’s what came to mind. 🙂


      • You brought up a good point and I think you for it. I am an outsider looking for explanations and trying to understand. I have not been “guided” by teachings of something, instead I have an open mind. I see people all the time claim that one religious book or another is all about killing, and yet they ignore the passages in the bible about the same issues. The people in question as typically Christian, so how can they speak “authoritatively” about something they do not believe in nor have they studied from the inside – based on your own comments, one would have to have been raised, or believed in Islam in order to understand the Quoran, or perhaps the same would hold true for the Tora?

        I see your point, I don’t understand the bible because I don’t believe it, but do I have to believe it in order to understand? My guess is you don’t believe in Evolution (just a guess, could be wrong), but if that is the case, how could you say it is wrong or right?

        And now the big question – my mother was a devout Catholic until her passing, and to her credit, she knew I was “born this way” and told me so. Since being gay DOES exist in nature and has been documented in many species, let me ask this simple question – “What if proof of being gay is found that it is genetic, will you still deny me my rights?”


  4. @Kat first off, I have never said I was for denying someone their “rights,” so I would not be “for” denying anyone “rights” regardless. I do have a big issue with the “I was born that way” argument. There is zero proof that anyone is born that way, and while I can not speak to the science behind that as I am not a scientist, that argument holds almost no weight with me at all.

    Scripture says we were all created in His image, in the image of God we were created, so there is almost nothing that would convince me that you were “created” gay and I was “created” straight, especially when there is no natural way to reproduce if we were all gay.

    As far as the understanding of Scripture goes, that is just straight out of Scripture, and I would relate that to any other book. Scripture is the word of God, living and breathing, it has no other likeness in any other book, and as such, Scripture says those without faith will not fully understand the Scriptures, so that is where that comes from. 🙂


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